"I'm an Imperial stormtrooper, Lieutenant. I live or die at the pleasure of my superiors and my commander."

Lhagva was a male Stromma who served the Empire of the Hand, as part of stormtrooper contingent that was assigned to the Star Destroyer Admonitor.


In 8 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn, the leader of the Empire of the Hand, began planning to launch an attack on the planet Quethold, against the combined forces of the warlord Nuso Esva and the Quesoth species. However, the Stromma envoy Nyama believed that the Imperials would be defeated during the attack, so he ordered all of the Stromma aboard the Admonitor to leave the ship. However, Lhagva chose to disobey the order and he remained on the Admonitor, because he wanted to save the Quesoth from Esva and because he was an orphan, so he had no family to dishonor by remaining behind. Shortly afterward, the battle commenced, and Lhagva and his stormtrooper squad landed on Quethold and entered the Red City aboard an A-rack carrier vehicle. The stormtroopers were then attacked by a large group of Quesoth Soldiers in the street Setting Sun Avenue.


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