The Liana Liberators were a group of slicers who operated during the Clone Wars.


The group met at the University of Liana and consisted of three male and two female Humans. They were anarchists and wanted to highlight the failings of the Galactic Republic to the rest of the galaxy, by slicing into Republic systems. However, during the Clone Wars they became involved in industrial espionage and undermining the Republic war effort, which resulted in them being actively sought by Republic agents and also the bounty hunter Shiana Trist.

They traveled to the Cularin system, where they hired the use of the yacht Perihelion from Cularin Star Tours by posing as members of the Alderaanian Biological Research Institute and taking up the identities of P. Dantari, K. Antilles, H. Starfinder, T. Orini and L. Raine. They planned to target the Cularin Government and the Almas Academy for illicit data to steal. However, the yacht was attacked by mynocks and the Liberators called the CST safety ship Starchaser IV for help. It rescued them and left them none the wiser to their true identities. The Liberators then made their way to CMC-3, an old mining facility in the Cularin system asteroid belt. Shiana Trist informed the Starchaser of the Liberators presence and they tracked them to facility, where a battle broke out between them and the Perihelion. The Liberators had also reactivated some of the facility's systems, including a powerful cutting beam and tractor beam, to help them in their fight.