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"With real shooting, wouldn't be shooting back, him."
―Liane Trevval[src]

Liane Trevval, referred to as Chalk, was a young female Korun rebel from Haruun Kal who joined the Upland Liberation Front so that no other Korunnai women would have to endure what she had. She was large with red hair, and had extreme difficulty with speaking Basic. Early in life she had been gang-raped by a squad of six Balawai militiamen; she and members of her ghôsh had hunted them down and served them tan pel'trokal.

Chalk handled heavy weapons with ease, her weapon of choice a Merr-Sonn M-40 light repeating blaster. She aided Jedi Master Mace Windu on Haruun Kal, and died heroically in the midst of the Battle of Pelek Baw. General Windu promoted Chalk to Officer of the Grand Army of the Republic and awarded her the Medal of Valor posthumously. Windu also took the steps of finding her real name and placing it in the Senate record. After her death, it was indicated that fellow ULF fighter Nick Rostu had feelings for her, but it is unknown if they were reciprocated. She had a force bond with a female Akk dog that she called Galthra and after her death, Galthra went mad.



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