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Astrographical information

Outer Rim Territories[1]


Allied Tion sector[1][3]


Lianna system[1][3]


1: Lianna[3]

Orbital position




Grid coordinates


Trade routes
Rotation period

22 standard hours[3]

Orbital period

370 local days[3]

Physical information


Type I (Breathable)[3]


Temperate and dry[3]



Primary terrain
Points of interest
Societal information
Immigrated species


Primary language(s)
  • Representative democracy (De jure)[3]
  • Corporate-sponsored democracy (De facto)[3]

5.6 billion[3]



Major cities
Major imports
  • Foodstuffs[3]
  • Consumer goods[3]
Major exports
  • Starships[3]
  • Starship components[3]

Lianna was the fourth planet of the Lianna system in the Allied Tion sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The ecumenopolis[5] was the homeworld of House Santhe and the headquarters of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, and was located on the Perlemian Trade Route. The planet was sometimes known as Lianna Metro.


Lianna terrain

Lianna terrain.

Lianna was conquered by warlords from Tion in the planet's early history, though it later fell under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Barseg during the time of the Galactic Republic. It was never, however, a part of Xim's Empire. The Galactic Senate overlooked Lianna, so the planet continued to be ruled as a traditional territory.

At approximately 300 BBY, the Senate eventually decided to take control of Lianna from Barseg, though some two hundred years later, Sienar Technologies set up operations on Lianna, after the planet continued to be misused as an industrial center even after the Senate's intervention. Soon after, the company was taken over by Kerred Santhe, who moved his company's headquarters to Lianna.[3]

Lianna orbit

Lianna from space.

Under the control of Kerred's granddaughter, Valles Santhe, the planet remained independent, though it eventually supported the Republic during the Clone Wars, during which the Battle of Lianna was fought. The battle destroyed much of Lianna's urban sprawl.

Following the Declaration of a New Order, Lianna became a supporter of the Galactic Empire until Emperor Palpatine's defeat at the Battle of Endor.

At this point, Lady Santhe was in control of Lianna and the Allied Tion, and though the New Republic was respectful enough of her command not to intercede on her rule, surviving Imperial forces launched a series of reprisal attacks on the planet. Fortunately, as Lianna produced many of the Empire's TIE fighters, Santhe was able to hold off the attacks by threatening to cease production. The threat, plus some well-placed bribes, allowed Lianna to remain neutral by special charter of the Empire.[6][7]

The Firebird Society was also founded on Lianna.

A standard day on Lianna lasted for twenty-two standard hours, and a year encompassed three hundred and seventy local days.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Allied Tion appears as an independent government that issued letters of marque during the New Republic in Pirates & Privateers. As Lianna was likewise an independent world, it is probable that the Allied Tion sector surrounding the world became part of Lady Santhe's independent state.

The picture from the cover of Mission to Lianna is in fact a concept illustration for the planet Bespin realized by Ralph McQuarrie for the The Empire Strikes Back.[8]



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