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"I'm sure we can find a simple solution to this problem"
Lianna Tagon[src]

Lianna Tagon was one of the staff members Daran Tal brought with him when he returned to the Crystal Web Station after his first visit in 1 BBY. Knowing that it would take someone of uncommon tact and knowledge to deal with all the factions that he had hoped the station would attract, he thought Lianna would be perfect for the job. She handled all the friction between the Imperial, New Republic, Corporate Sector, and independent factions with ease and grace, and rarely ever had to call on Baron Administrator Tal or Klaar and the security forces of the station.

Lianna was unfailingly polite but very firm in her dealings with both the new arrivals to the station and its permanent residents. She tried to greet everyone to the station personally and liked to learn as much as she could about her "guests", although she did not hover around people to do so. Instead she preferred to judge them by their actions as she watched from a distance.