Liash Keane was a female Ubese technocrat who founded Epsis, an organization made up of con artists, slicers, outlaw techs, and general thieves. Epsis was the second largest ruling syndicate on Point Nadir.


Typical to her species, Keane had an affinity for technology which led her to leave her home planet of Uba IV to search for newer and better technology to have at her disposal. She became a mercenary performing assassinations and other black-op to fund her arsenal. She had little regard for her employers, be they corporate executives or crime lords. They simply filled a need to provide desired credits. She did her job well though and was considered a reliable agent by those who contracted her services.

After completing an extremely profitable job, Keane had earned enough credits to start her own business, named Epsis, which she based on Nar Shaddaa. She specialized in finding and procuring rare and hard-to-find technology. After a time, she branched out to include other technologically-minded thieves in her business. As her experience and reputation grew, she came to the notice of the powerful kajidics of the Hutt crime lords on the Smugglers' Moon. She was faced with the decision of being absorbed into the Hutt criminal organizations or be eliminated. Neither was acceptable to her, so she chose to disappear and continue her business operations while on the run and under several aliases.

Keane eventually made her way to and settled on Point Nadir where she reformed her own criminal organization. Epsis was involved in black market dealing, forgery, money laundering, and included slicers, outlaw techs, con artists and thieves.

Epsis became one of the governing syndicates on Point Nadir. It was the second largest criminal organization, not because of its size, but because of the tremendous power and influence they wielded. This power came from their having the only ability to tap into the Galactic HoloNet.

Personality and traitsEdit

Liash Keane was a female with a lanky build. She wore traditional Ubese armor and never removed her mask in public, preferring to keep the air of mystery around her physical identity. Like other Ubese, she was very xenophobic and only dealt with individuals of other species, particularly Humans, out of necessity.

Keane could speak Barabel, Basic, Huttese and Ubeninal in addition to her native Ubese language. She could also understand Binary.

Although she was xenophobic, Keane seemed to have a dislike for slavery. Twelve years before she stationed herself on Point Nadir, she encountered a Barabel slave named Yissk who was forced to compete in a gladiatorial arena. For some reason, she took an interest in the mistreated brute. She attempted to purchase Yissk from his captors, but was given the brush-off. She returned some time later with six of her Epsis associates and convinced one of Yissk's owners she was making him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Yissk was originally wary of his new master, but Keane took the time to help him acclimate to his new freedom, going so far as to learn the Barabel language. In his native tongue, Keane offered Yissk a choice: return home to Barab I or stay and work as her personal bodyguard. Though desiring to return home, Yissk chose to stay and repay his debt to the mysterious woman who had given him his freedom.