The liberation of the planet Vilosoria occurred during the Galactic Civil War. The native Vilosorians were able to drive the local Imperial garrison off the planet.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel droid R2z-DL was used as a spy deep undercover behind enemy lines, tracking Imperial movement near the planet Vilosoria.[3]



When traveling the Lifh sector, Rebel pilot Koedi Raef discovered a hidden data packet in the memory banks of her BTL Y-wing starfighter from R2z-DL, nicknamed Toozy. It contained information relating to the Imperial presence in the Lifh sector and on the Vilosorian species, and their seasonal cycles.[1]

The liberationEdit

Using this data, Raef was able to facilitate the liberation of Vilosoria. She managed to have the Interdictor cruiser Fireclaw delayed and Imperial garrison troops, lacking reinforcements, were defeated by the the native Vilosorians, who, with the coming of the warm seasons, had metamorphosized into powerful carnivores.[1]


As a result Koedi Raef was awarded the Rohal Cross for successful liberation of the planet, but the pilot refused it and gave it to Toozy.[1]


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