The Libro was a YT-1300 light freighter used by the Galactic Empire.


When Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin betrayed the Galactic Empire and his attempted coup d'etat and kidnapping against Emperor Palpatine failed, he and his and his fleet decided to focus their efforts on demolishing loyalist Imperial infrastructure, intending to strip the Empire of its growing technological advantage in starfighter superiority. One of his first targets were the TIE/ad starfighter production facilities in the Omar system: Omar 1, Omar 2, and Omar 3. Sending a massive fleet that overwhelmed the local defenses, Zaarin left the loyalist Imperial forces with no other choice but to abandon the facilities and to save the surviving personnel on these stations. The Libro was one of the many Imperial transports assigned to rescue as many of the surviving crew as possible on Omar 1, and then escape before Zaarin's forces could intercept it.

Loyalist forces sent 3 TIE Defenders lead by Maarek Stele to hold of the forces long enough for the personnel to escape. When Stele arrived, the Libro was already loaded with personnel and escaped into Hyperspace.