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For other uses, see Totem.
"We believe that the power of life focuses in the objects we surround ourselves with. Either inadvertently or intentionally, the things we gather reinforce who we are, making us stronger or, at times, weaker. In a balanced life, the internal and external worlds reflect each other perfectly. When a life is imbalanced, internal and external aspects must be adjusted accordingly."

A life trinket[1] or totem was a small object used for religious purposes by Kurtzen, the indigenous species of the planet Bakura. They were typically carried in pouches by individual Kurtzen.[2] The species held that they could focus the energies of life into such life trinkets. Such totems were also used in healing ceremonies by shamans[3] and other Kurtzen. For instance, the Kurtzen Arrizza used a totem in an attempt to heal the Human Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila.[4]



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