Brophar Tofarain and Lofryyhn work on a probe droid assigned to the Lifeline Project

The Lifeline Project was an innovative method used by the crew of the CR90 corvette FarStar to stay in contact with New Republic forces stationed at Kal'Shebbol. Due to the radiation and energy interference from the Kathol Rift, long-range communications were impossible between the ship and Kal'Shebbol. The chief mechanics on the FarStar, Brophar Tofarain and Lofryyhn, devised a system of communication utilizing the corvette's complement of six probe droids.

Each droid would be dropped off at a pre-determined point within the Rift to act as a communications relay and signal booster. Reprogrammed to constantly scan the Rift, they could reposition themselves to stay in relatively safe areas. However, the Lifeline Project was hampered by the fact that communications with Kal'Shebbol would only be one way—they could send messages but not receive them. In addition, the loss of any of the probe droids would have rendered the relay useless.

A semi-permanent maintenance facility was established on the planet Demonsgate on the edge of the Rift. The Socorran scout Firdaaz volunteered to remain on the planet to man the station.