The Lifewell was the remains of the Kathol civilization, a huge pulsing glowing crystalline organ, protected by DarkStryder. The crystalline tip was present within a secret chamber within the DarkStryder's fortress and extended all the way down to the planetary mantle where a further chamber was present, made of huge bones and tactilly controlled by organic systems. It was designed to restore the life energies of the ancient Kathol once the Dark Jedi were gone. Only a few of the Kathol entered this sanctuary and a majority of the people were killed off before the destruction of the launch gate.

However, the DarkStryder developed a sentience of its own and decided not to release the life essences trapped within the Lifewell even when the danger had passed. Unable to be freed, the energy of the Kathol eventually became the Ta-Ree life force which could be manipulated by beings within the Kathol Rift. After the Battle of Kathol System, the Lifewell was opened by Halbret who had been released from sleep by the FarStar crew.