The light concussion missile launcher was an antivehicle weapon used by military units on battlefields where tanks, combat vehicles, and other heavy artillery were often present. Unlike the standard concussion missile launcher which was mounted on starships, the light concussion missile launcher was a portable missile launcher. This made it one of the most powerful personal heavy weapons to exist, however it was only effective against very large targets such as Armored Assault Tanks, AT-STs, or similar vehicles. The weapon was ineffective against smaller targets such as individual soldiers.[1]

The light concussion missile launcher weighed 18 kilograms and fired a single light concussion missile before needing to be reloaded. Upon impact, the missile exploded and dealt collateral damage to any nearby targets. The light concussion missile launcher cost 4,000 credits and was available for military use only. Each light concussion missile cost 800 credits and weighed 10 kilograms.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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