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Lightning Bear

"For me it is always a pleasure to meet and talk with everyone. To get their reaction to our work and at times their ideas on how we did certain things in the film. Mostly though, it is the ability to say thank you for their support."
―Lightning Bear[src]

Lightning Bear (October 7, 1947 - June 11, 2011) was an English stuntman, stunt co-ordinator, special effects advisor, and director. He has worked on numerous films including three Star Trek films, the Towering Inferno, the Posiedon Adventure, and King Kong. He also appeared as a stormtrooper, scout trooper, and general stuntman in all three of the original trilogy movies; namely, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Lightning Bear passed away on June 11th, 2011.

Lightning Bear became rather infamous among various fans as lying about much of his movie roles he was truly involved with, particular the Star Wars trilogy where he claimed to had portrayed roles that were actually performed by series stunt coordinator Peter Diamond. [1]

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