The Lightsaber-baton was a miniaturized variation of the lightsaber used during the Republic Dark Age. Six of these lightsaber-batons were used by the Krevaaki Sith Lord Saaj Calician, the Dyarchy regent. In 1032 BBY, he employed these weapons during a lightsaber duel with the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, who had infiltrated the Sith twins Quillan and Dromika's mountaintop palace known as the the Loft on Byllura. While he outgunned the Jedi woman, his fighting skills were undermined by the strong thought control exerted by Dromika, and the Krevaaki was bested and seriously wounded during the Battle of Byllura. After Kerra kidnapped Quillan, Dromika attempted to pursue the Jedi woman while wielding a lightsaber-baton.