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Namman Cha and Rachi Sitra engaged in a lightsaber duel

A lightsaber duel occurred when two or more combatants armed with lightsabers, or when one party using lightsabers against another wielding a melee weapon capable of sparring with the former, engaged in personal combat.

In most instances such duels were fought by varying permutations of participants allied with the Sith and duelists representing the Jedi Order, though other parties have been known to participate in such events, such as the Jensaarai. In general, however, only beings who could use the Force engaged in lightsaber duels, as the dexterity and awareness required to wield such weapons necessitated extensive training in its mastery. Also of note, occasionally duels consisted of one or more of the combatants wielding weapons other than lightsabers, such as the duel between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. These contests were still worth notable mention however, since they involved prominent Force-using individuals who wielded weapons specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Force.


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