This article is about the in-universe game. You may be looking for the story with the same name.

Lightsider was an ancient and risky Jedi game.[1] The Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker bested the Dark Jedi Kam Solusar at the game while on the Space City above Nespis VIII, turning Solusar to the light side of the Force.[1][2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lightsider was originally intended to be the focus of the story Lightsider by Tom Veitch.[3][4] However, due to creative differences the story was never published.[5] Nevertheless, the events of the story survived through a brief mention in the novel Dark Apprentice by Kevin J. Anderson.[2] Other sources would go on to mention these events, including The Essential Chronology, The New Essential Guide to Characters, and The New Essential Chronology.[1][6][7] The Dark Empire II audio drama depicts a lightsaber duel between Skywalker and Solusar at the Space City, in which Skywalker ends up the victor and turns Solusar to the light side. It remains unclear whether this duel was Lightsider or something entirely different.[8]



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