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Lightsider was a proposed short novel by Tom Veitch, illustrated by Dave Dorman. It was to be set between Dark Empire and Dark Empire II and would feature the first encounter between Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar on Nespis VIII, with Luke convincing Kam to return to the light side after defeating him in the "lightsider" game.[source?] Besides Kam, Sedriss QL, Krdys Mordi, Baddon Fass, Vill Goir, Zasm Katth and Kvag Gthull would all have been introduced in Lightsider.[1]

Though Veitch was contracted and approved to write Lightsider, when the Star Wars license switched from Bantam Spectra to Del Rey a "whole lot of weirdness" went down and so the novel was never published. Veitch now plans to release the story, as the license for it now belongs to him, but not under the Star Wars label.[source?]

The novel was not only well-received by LucasFilms, but also read and approved by George Lucas. However, when Lucas found out that he had approved the book without a contract, he terminated the project. This prompted Cam Kennedy to resign, and the proposed third Dark Empire series was cancelled—although Veitch was allowed to condense its plot into the two-issue Empire's End series illustrated by Jim Baikie.[2]


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