Liiria Beldonna was the female Human leader of an organization of mercenaries[1] known as Beldonna's League,[4] also referred to as "Beldonna's Legion."[1]


Liiria Beldonna was a Corellian[1] woman born sometime around 25 BBY.[2] As an adult, she was considered attractive and relatively frail-looking, but in actuality she had well-toned muscles and could handle herself well in a fight. She was a confident woman and an inspiring leader, and trained herself in the use of most weapons. Beldonna had long, straight black hair that she usually kept braided when she was working.[1]

By roughly 1 ABY, she had built up an organization of hired mercenaries referred to as "Beldonna's League"[4] or "Beldonna's Legion."[1] Elements of the group were stationed on Corellia and Talus.[4] Beldonna led the Legion under a strict set of rules and did not tolerate misconduct. Any disputes were often dealt with through hand-to-hand combat. Around 3 ABY, the group was hired by Imperial Consul-General Gilad Halsek of Kothlis, who was infatuated with Beldonna, to help bolster the planet's security. Beldonna enjoyed her position on Kothlis and frequently took her team hunting in the forest or the planet's ice caps. She also enjoyed parading about the city of Tal'cara and going to its most popular nightspots.[1]



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