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Rho-1 Limulus-class couriers were two-passenger Courier in use during the Clone Wars. A common sight in the Core Worlds during the war, most of the Limulus-class couriers were destroyed during the Great Jedi Purge.


Designed by Kuat Systems Engineering for use by the Jedi Order, the Limulus-class couriers were small and fast. Used for transport between assignments by Jedi Ambassadors specifically, and Jedi Sentinels more generally, these ships were reliable and quick, cutting a striking figure in the spacelanes. The hull was a broad, half-moon shape bearing a red-and-white color scheme common to Republic transports. Lightly armored and shielded, the Limulus had a pair of light laser cannons on either fin facing forward. The aft of the craft was dominated by a long, tapering spar which extended between the two ion engines that provided stability in atmospheric situations and carried a sensor suite. They required a hyperdrive ring for interstellar travel.

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