Lina Graf was a young female human whose parents worked as frontier explorers. One day, Graf's parents were kidnapped by agents of the Galactic Empire, leaving her and her brother Milo alone on a remote planet.[2] The siblings then decided to undertake a dangerous journey across Wild Space to rescue their parents. At some point during their adventures, the Graf siblings found themselves looking for allies on an ancient frontier world, but fell into a trap laid by Captain Visler Korda, an Imperial officer.[4] Later on, Graf and her brother managed to trace their parents' latest clue to a remote jungle planet that housed a frightening beast.[5]

Eventually, Lina became a commander in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. At one point, she and her team crash landed on the planet Mustafar, not far from Darth Vader's castle.[3]

Years later, Lina became the great-aunt of Emil Graf. On at least one occasion, she shared with him a story of a thief who frequently stole from Dex's Diner, only to be tracked down by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and have the stolen possessions returned.[6]

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