Lina Zev was a Human female who was used as Jedi Knight Jaina Solo's double to throw off journalist Javis Tyrr so that Solo and Imperial Remnant Head of State Jagged Fel—whose double was Karn Valanti—could escape to a relaxing evening alone together. Dining together at the Indigo Tower, Zev and Valanti entered into light conversation in an attempt to maintain their guises as Solo and Fel respectively. Unfortunately, her impersonation was soon discovered by Tyrr since her mouth and nose differed slightly from those of Solo's. However, the ploy lasted long enough for Solo and Fel to escape to an inn halfway around the planet, free to dine alone.

Zev, codenamed "Curved," was a member of Darkmeld, a secret organization formed by Solo to undermine Chief of State Natasi Daala's anti-Jedi policies.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lina Zev was created by author Christie Golden for Fate of the Jedi: Omen, her first Star Wars novel and the second novel in the nine-part Fate of the Jedi series. Zev was later mentioned in a short story by Golden, Getaway, released in issue 134 of Star Wars Insider magazine in 2012. In the story, Zev's surname was misspelled "Zek."


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