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Lintu was Kar Yang's personal droid, who accompanied and assisted him on his bounty hunting missions. Lintu's body was humanoid, but his head was cone-shaped, narrowing to a rounded tip at the face, with red bands of optical sensors placed at the midpoint of the cone.

When Yang was hired by the Black Sun to capture the Human replica droid Guri, Savan secretly had Lintu reprogrammed to spy on him and report back. Yang succeeded in locating Guri, but he explained to Lintu that he had no intention of returning her to his employer. Guri was much more valuable than the bounty he had been offered. Yang planned to keep Guri for himself.

Lintu waited until he believed Yang had gone to sleep, then reported back to Savan. But Yang had grown suspicious of his droid and overheard the conversation. When Yang and Lintu arrived on Hurd's Moon, Yang sent the droid ahead to scout and shot him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lintu is a Finnish word that means "bird".


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