Liphons were non-sentient predatory flying reptiles native to the planet Togoria. Togorians, before they developed civilization, were often preyed upon by liphons. Liphons also raided the nests of another species of flying reptile, the mosgoths, in order to steal eggs.

The primitive Togorians, realizing that they and the mosgoths had a common enemy, started to camp near mosgoth nests for mutual protection. They also began to domesticate the mosgoths as riding beasts. It was this response to liphon predation which led to the development of Togorian civilization.

Though the liphons were no longer a significant danger to the Togorians, they still existed in Togoria's mostly unspoiled wilderness. Togorian males would often capture off-world trespassers and stake them out to be eaten by liphons.



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