"At least I'm honest about being a crook."
―Lira Rimrunner's campaign slogan[src]

Lira Rimrunner was a female convicted criminal and former smuggler. Despite this, she was elected to the position of Governor-General of Dalos IV.


Lira had served time for smuggling, but was open about her past and used it as an advantage in being elected Governor-General. Despite running an openly corrupt government, she was popular with her constituents due to her policies. She promoted tourism and turned the trophy chase into a popular gambling and spectator sport. Lira shared a take of the gambling profits with Jabba and frequently met with his associate Narloch on her private gondola to watch trophy chase matches.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rimrunner had a sharp wit and vibrant personality that made her popular in Kavila. Despite her retirement from smuggling, she was still good with a blaster and a very competent pilot. She kept her freighter that she used during her smuggling days well-maintained and was tempted to enter the Star Rally races.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lira Rimrunner was created for the role-playing game adventure Elusive that was published in the No Disintegrations sourcebook printed in 1997.