"Ahhh, Lirondo, with friends like these, one need not be afraid his soul will go over to the dark side!"
Lord Valenthyne Farfalla[src]

Lirondo was a male Half-Bothan Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order. He was the Chief lieutenant of Lord Valenthyne Farfalla during the New Sith Wars.



Lirondo at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

Lirondo was a male Half-Bothan who trained in the Force and became a Jedi Knight. During the New Sith Wars, a conflict against the Brotherhood of Darkness, Lirondo, along with other Jedi Knights who served under Valenthyne Farfalla, joined the Army of Light under Lord Hoth in 1003 BBY. As Hoth and Farfalla recruited more than 300 members to join the Army of Light, Lirondo traveled with them for several months until they arrived on the planet of Ruusan. As the Jedi finally reached the planet, they discovered that the Sith had established a blockade within the system.

During the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, Lirondo defeated many enemies with his green-bladed lightsaber and his battle-ax. Shortly after his master defeated the Sith Lord Kopecz, Lirondo fought against the Sith until Lord Skere Kaan activated the thought bomb, a Sith technique that sought to wipe out all life on Ruusan.

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