Lirra was a planet in the Baxel sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Lirra was located on the border of Baxel sector and Hutt Space. It was a resort world known for its extensive mineral pools and mud flats.[2]


Lirra was colonized by Humans circa 300 BBY. The Jhank Shel Hutt kajidic claimed the planet two centuries later, by moving enough slaves to the world and outnumbering the original settlers. In 2 ABY, an undercover news investigation team discovered that the Hutts maintained over a million Human into slavery. In response to the pressure of the public opinion, Moff Heedra of the Baxel sector sent Imperial forces to claim Lirra. The subjugation was largely peaceful.[2] The Jhank Shel members were soon driven back into Hutt Space.[3]



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