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"...we're inspired by the comics and the books..."
George Lucas[src]

C-canon elements from licensed Expanded Universe creators have been known to appear in the Star Wars films, mainly the prequel trilogy. Most of these are brief, cameo appearances, almost taking the form of Easter eggs, and are even hardly distinguishable. However, others are more substantial.

The prequel trilogy also has many references to names and elements introduced in the television series Star Wars Droids due to Ben Burtt's large involvement in both, not the least of which is the cameo by himself as Ebenn Q3 Baobab in The Phantom Menace.

The reverse process is also true: Many Expanded Universe works have given names and/or background information to nearly every element shown in the films. Additionally, the Visual Dictionary series, along with other official sources such as "What's The Story?", has also introduced many retcons, thus "creating" C-canon depictions in films—e.g. the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith The Visual Dictionary identifies Count Dooku's tunic in Revenge of the Sith as being created on Vjun, a planet found heretofore strictly in the EU. The significance of these identifications, for the most part, is downplayed in this article.

Episode IEdit


Baobab at the celebrations following the Battle of Naboo.

Episode IIEdit


The painting by Jon Foster that secured Aayla's place in the Star Wars Saga.


The apocryphal ending of Jedi Knight.

Episode IIIEdit

Episode III has several elements that have first appeared in EU sources, such as Labyrinth of Evil, that have been written during the movie's production. However, since those sources have borrowed those elements directly from the finished post-production movie script (for example, General Grievous was written for Ep. III but first appeared in the Clone Wars TV series), they will not be included.

Dooku Obi-wan choke

A scene familiar to gamers of Star Wars games, yet appears first time in a film.


A battle during the Great Hyperspace War, depicted in a frieze kept in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's chambers.

Episode IVEdit

Logically, no EU was possible to exist when Episode IV was released; the following, therefore, describe only the special edition movie.

Mos Eisley

The Outrider (upper left) taking off from Mos Eisley.

Episode VEdit

Episode VIEdit

  • Theelin species, by the appearance of Rystáll Sant in the Special Edition. The species first appeared in Dark Empire.
  • Boba Fett's rope weapon and jetpack appeared in the Holiday Special.
  • A beard was added to Crix Madine's costume when it was realized that Kenner was designing the toy with a beard.

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