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Code Language Name Articles Wikia?
bg Bulgarian Holopedia 295 yes
cs Czech Czech Star Wars Wiki 2,303 yes
da Danish Wookieepedia 585 yes
de German Jedipedia 33,486 no
de German Jedipedia 33,368 yes
de German Sithlordpedia 450 yes
el Greek Hellenic Star Wars Wiki 61 yes
es Spanish Star Wars Wiki en Español 21,927 yes
fa Persian (Iranian) Star Wars Wiki 12 yes
fi Finnish Jedipedia 4,647 yes
fi Finnish Jedipedia 5,103 no
fr French French Star Wars Wiki 1,593 yes
fr French Wookiepédia 1,930 no
ga Irish (Gaeilge) Jedipéid 15 yes
hr Croatian Wookieepedija 82 yes
hu Hungarian Kaminopedia 2,462 yes
id Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) The Star Wars Universe Wiki 7 yes
is Icelandic Jedipedia 7 yes
it Italian SWX Databank 3,615 no
it Italian Javapedia 2,345 yes
ja Japanese Wookieepedia 4,340 yes
ko Korean Forcepedia 76 yes
la Latin Wookieepaedia 14 yes
nl Dutch Yodapedia 10,031 yes
nb Norwegian (Bokmål) Jedipedia 386 yes
nn Norwegian (Nynorsk) Jedipedia 3 yes
pl Polish (polski) Biblioteka Ossus 10,786 no
pl Polish (polski) Empirepedia 1,441 yes
pl Polish (polski) Jedi Wiki 537 yes
pt Portuguese Star Wars Wiki em Português 4,384 yes
ro Romanian Lukepedia 99 yes
ru Russian Вукипедия 8,797 yes
sk Slovak Darthpedia 185 yes
sl Slovenian SWikoopedia 13 yes
sr Serbian Star Wars Wiki 967 yes
sv Swedish Star Wars Wiki 414 yes
tr Turkish Star Wars Turk 93 yes
uk Ukrainian Зоряні Війни 13 yes
zh-hk Chinese (Cantonese) Sithlordpedia 48 yes

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