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This is a list of known battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts, in chronological order.

Pre-Clone WarsEdit

Invasion of Naboo (32 BBY)Edit

Post-Invasion of NabooEdit

Separatist Crisis (24 BBY22 BBY)Edit

Clone Wars (22 BBY19 BBY)Edit

* Also part of the Jedi Purge

Age of the Empire (19 BBY4 ABY) Edit

*Also part of the Jedi Purge

Early rebellion against the Galactic EmpireEdit

* Also part of the Jedi Purge or Ryloth Insurgency

Galactic Civil WarEdit


First Order-Resistance conflictEdit

Battles of unknown placementEdit

Pre-Clone Wars Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Clone Wars Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Age of the Empire Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Lothal Insurgency Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Galactic Civil War Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

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