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This is a list of known battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts, in chronological order.

Pre-Clone WarsEdit

Invasion of Naboo (32 BBY)Edit

Post-Invasion of Naboo Edit

Separatist Crisis (24 BBY22 BBY)Edit

Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)Edit

* Also part of the Jedi Purge

Unknown placement

Age of the Empire (19 BBY4 ABY) Edit

Unknown placement during the Age of the Empire

Jedi PurgeEdit

* Also part of the Clone Wars or Lothal insurgency

Ryloth Insurgency (19 BBY5 ABY)Edit

* Also part of the rebellion

Lothal InsurgencyEdit

Unknown placement

The rebellionEdit

* Also part of the Jedi Purge or Ryloth Rebellion

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Unknown placement

Post-Jakku Edit

First Order-Resistance conflictEdit

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