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This is a list of known battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts, in chronological order.

Early historyEdit

The Great Schism (24,500 BBY)Edit

The Devouring (24,500 BBY)Edit

Tionese War (24,000 BBY23,900 BBY)Edit

Alsakan Conflicts (17,018 BBY3017 BBY)Edit

Duinuogwuin Contention (15,500 BBY)Edit

Hutt Cataclysms (15,000 BBY)Edit

Aqualish Civil War (15,000 BBY)Edit

Aqualish–Republic War (15,000 BBY)Edit

Cremlevian War (c. 15,000 BBY)Edit

Pius Dea Crusades (11,98710,966 BBY)Edit

Second Herglic Feud (9757 BBY)Edit

Waymancy Storm (7811 BBY)Edit

Unification War (7348 BBY7328 BBY)Edit

Meri–Teltior war (8000 BBY7000 BBY)Edit

Second Great Schism (7003 BBY7000 BBY)Edit

Hundred-Year Darkness (7000 BBY6900 BBY)Edit

Mandalorian Crusades (7000 BBY3996 BBY)Edit

Medriaas revolution (5107 BBY5100 BBY)Edit

The Unification Wars (Koros)Edit

Great Hyperspace War (5000 BBY)Edit

Pre-Great Sith War conflictsEdit

Old Sith WarsEdit

Great Sith War (3996 BBY)Edit

Great Hunt (39953993 BBY)Edit

Cleansing of the Nine HousesEdit

Post-Great Sith WarEdit

Kanz Disorders (39703670 BBY)Edit

Mandalorian Wars (3976 BBY3960 BBY)Edit

Post Mandalorian WarsEdit

Bek-Vulkar gang war (3976 BBY3956 BBY)Edit

Jedi Civil War (39593956 BBY)Edit

Post-Jedi Civil War conflictsEdit

Great Galactic War (3681 BBY–3653 BBY)Edit

Cold War (3653 BBY–3642 BBY)Edit

Galactic War (3641 BBY)Edit

Darth Desolous conflict (After 3522 BBY)Edit

The Doomed–Lost Tribe of the Sith conflict (2975 BBY)Edit

The New Sith Wars (2000 BBY1000 BBY)Edit

Post-Ruusan ReformationEdit

Separatist CrisisEdit

Clone Wars (22 BBY19 BBY)Edit

Year 1Edit

Year 2Edit

Year 3Edit

Year 4Edit

Imperial EraEdit

Great Jedi Purge

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Early CampaignsEdit

1 BBYEdit

0 BBYEdit


Stalemate – The Blockade of YavinEdit

0 ABYEdit

Alliance on the Run – After the Evacuation of Yavin IVEdit

1 ABYEdit

3 ABYEdit

Battle of HothEdit

Regrouping – Post-Battle of HothEdit

4 ABYEdit

Fragmentation of the EmpireEdit

Purge of the Imperials – Post-Battle of EndorEdit

5 ABYEdit

6 ABYEdit

7 ABYEdit

8 ABYEdit

9 ABYEdit

Reborn EmpireEdit

10 ABYEdit

11 ABYEdit

Post-Reborn EmpireEdit

12 ABYEdit

13 ABYEdit

14 ABYEdit

15 ABYEdit

16 ABYEdit

17 ABYEdit

18 ABYEdit

19 ABY and beyondEdit

Pre-Yuuzhan Vong War conflictsEdit

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY29 ABY)Edit

25 ABYEdit

26 ABYEdit

27 ABYEdit

28 ABYEdit

29 ABYEdit

Dark Nest Crisis (35 ABY36 ABY)Edit

Legacy eraEdit

Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY41 ABY)Edit

Post Second Galactic Civil WarEdit

Sith–Imperial War (127 ABY130 ABY)Edit

Second Imperial Civil War (130 ABY138 ABY)Edit

Darth Wredd's insurgency (138 ABY139 ABY)Edit

Battles of unknown time periodEdit

Galactic Republic Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Pre-Clone Wars Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Clone Wars Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Imperial Conquest era Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Galactic Civil War Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Yuuzhan Vong War Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Sith-Imperial War Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Second Imperial Civil War Battles of Unknown PlacementEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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