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NameRegionSectorSystemInhabitantsCapital CityClimateGrid Coordinates
BabaliOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sectorBabali systemHumans Unknown Tropical P-3
BabbadodInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Babbadod systemHumans Unknown Unknown N-14
BABYgnonOuter Rim Territories Quelii sectorDathomir system Unknown Unknown Gas giant O-6
BacranaExpansion Region Brak sectorBacrana systemHumans Amma Temperate O-14
Baes LogiaOuter Rim Territories Quence sectorBaes Logia systemCarosites, Humans Unknown Unknown O-18
BaffopOuter Rim TerritoriesTamarin sectorBaffop systemHumans Unknown Temperate O-19
Ba'HarOuter Rim Territories Elrood sectorCoyn systemUnknown Unknown Gas giant M-20
BakWild Space Bakura sectorBakura system Unknown Unknown Unknown G-16
BakarrWild Space Unknown Katorrs systemUnknown Unknown Frozen J-6
BakkahOuter Rim TerritoriesThrasybule sectorBakkah systemHumans, Tusken Raiders Unknown Desert P-6
BakuraWild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemKurtzen (indigenous), Humans Salis D'aar Temperate G-16
Bakura-5Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknown Unknown G-16
Bakura-6Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknownFrozen G-16
Bakura-7Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknownFrozen G-16
Bakura-8Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknownFrozen G-16
BalaExpansion Region Brak sectorAramand system UnknownUnknownUnknown O-14
BalamakMid Rim Taldot sectorBalamak systemHumans DorumUnknown Q-9
BalanorUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown UnknownRainforest M-6
Bal'demnicOuter Rim Territories Auril sectorBak'rofsen systemKon'me (indigenous) UnknownOcean R-7
BalfronCore Worlds Dolomar sectorUnknown Humans Unknown Unknown K-9
Balis-BaurghUnknown Unknown UnknownHumans, others Unknown Unknown K-16
Balith Unknown Unknown Balith system Unknown Unknown Unknown N-7
BalmorraColonies Unknown Balmorra systemHumans, Hutts, Colicoids Bin Prime Unknown M-10
BalnabMid RimBright Jewel sectorBalnab systemUnknownUnknownTemperateL-7
BalosarCore WorldsUnknown Balosar systemBalosars (indigenous) Unknown Pollution L-12
BaltimnOuter Rim Territories Unknown Baltimn systemHumans Murmamn CityUnknown S-4
BaltizaarUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown K-7
BancarMid Rim Rayter sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown J-19
BandomeerOuter Rim Territories Meerian sectorBandomeer system Meerians (indigenous), Ithorians, Humans, Imbats, etc. Bandor Temperate O-6
BandoniaUnknown Unknown Bandonian system Humans Unknown Unknown L-10
Ban-Satir IIUnknown Unknown Ban-Satir systemHumans? Unknown Unknown S-4
Bar NethOuter Rim Territories Albarrio sector Bar Neth system Unknown Unknown Unknown K-5
Barab IOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab systemBarabels (indigenous), Duinuogwuins Alater-ka Arid U-12
Barab IIOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab systemUnknownUnknown Frozen U-12
Barab IIIOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab system Unknown Unknown Gas U-12
BarabooColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-11
Baradas IIUnknown Unknown Baradas systemHumans Unknown Unknown L-8
BaralouOuter Rim TerritoriesVarada sectorBaralou system Multopos (indigenous), Krikthasi (indigenous) Unknown Hot, Tropical H-20
BaramorraOuter Rim TerritoriesCarrion sectorUnknown Humans Unknown Temperate J-4
BarcariaMid RimSombure sectorBarcaria systemUnknownUnknownUnknownK-16
Bardotta Colonies Unknown Bardotta system Phuii Unknown Moderate J-13
BarenthUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown K-8
BarhuMid Rim Churba sectorChurba system Unknown Unknown Hot P-14
BarisonOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachBarison systemnative species (indigenous) Unknown Unknown Q-6
BarkheshOuter Rim Territories Seitia sectorBarkhesh systemHumans UnknownUnknown K-19
BarlokInner RimMarcol sectorBarlok systemBrolfi (indigenous), Karfs (indigenous) UnknownUnknown L-8
BarmaselOuter Rim Territories Quelii sectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown Gas O-6
BarnabaColonies Tapani sectorBarnaba systemHumans Bilios Moist L-13
BaroliExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Temperate N-14
BaroondaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Majan (indigenous) Baroo Unknown T-9
BarosOuter Rim TerritoriesDominus sectorBari systemBrubbs (indigenous) Unknown Unknown U-7
BarpineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Barpine systemHumans Unknown Unknown N-6
BarsegOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorBarseg systemHumans Unknown Unknown S-6
BarundiOuter Rim TerritoriesThanium sectorBarundi systemBarundi(indigenous) Unknown Unknown S-5
BasaraisExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown O-11
BashoCore Worlds Darpa sectorRhinnal system Unknown Unknown Unknown L-9
BasiliskCore WorldsCoruscant sectorUnknown Basiliskans (indigenous), Taungs (extinct) Unknown Unknown L-9
BaskarnOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Yrashu (indigenous), Humans Unknown Unknown M-6
BassadroColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans, Gossams, Skakoans Agao Unknown L-13
BasteelOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sectorUnknown Gulmarids Unknown Temperate P-3
BastionOuter Rim TerritoriesBraxant sector Sartinaynian systemHumans Unknown Temperate K-3
BatorineColoniesUnknown Unknown Blood Carvers (indigenous) Unknown Unknown J-9
BavvaOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorBavva systemNothoiins Unknown Unknown K-18
BazaarOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-6
BeauchenUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown P-8
Beckoning Call Starr 3Unknown Unknown UnknownHumans Unknown Unknown Unknown
BedaraColoniesUnknown Carida systemUnknown Unknown Unknown M-9
BegerenUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown R-4
BehebothOuter Rim TerritoriesSanbra sectorBeheboth systemTirrith (indigenous), Humans, Bothans Prosperity Dry O-17
BehenuiOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemUnknown Unknown Gas O-17
BelascoExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans Senta Unknown O-11
BelazuraCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-13
BelderoneOuter Rim TerritoriesBelderone sectorBelderone systemHumans (possibly extirpated), Firrerreos (extirpated) Unknown Unknown R-6
BelgarothCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemHumans Belgar Unknown K-13
BelkadanOuter Rim TerritoriesDalonbian sectorBelkadan systemYuuzhan Vong, Humans (extirpated) Unknown Tropical L-1
BellassaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Ussa Unknown M-11
Bellis IVOuter Rim TerritoriesDemetras sectorBellis systemUnknown Unknown Unknown P-7
BelnarColoniesBelnar sectorBelnar systemKhil (indigenous) Unknown Temperate M-9
BelorphynOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorDerilyn systemUnknown Unknown Unknown M-19
BeloviaExpansion RegionUnknown Belovia systemHumans Unknown Icy P-12
BelsavisMid Rim Ninth Quadrant Belsavis systemMluki (indigenous), Ithorians, Humans, etc. Plawal Icy L-18
Belshar OthacuuCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown J-7
Belsmuth IIOuter Rim TerritoriesBelsmuth sectorBelsmuth systemHumans Unknown Unknown O-6
BelthuOuter Rim TerritoriesDemetras sectorBelthu systemHumans Unknown Unknown O-7
Beltrix IIIUnknown Six Local SystemsBeltrix systemHumans Unknown Unknown M-14
BendeluumOuter Rim Territories Anoat sectorBendeluum system Nothoiins, Humans Unknown Unknown K-18
BendoneUnknown Unknown Unknown Howler Tree People (indigenous) Unknown Unknown R-3
BenerisOuter Rim Territories Unknown Atrig systemUnknown Unknown Unknown J-14
BengatUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown Unknown J-8
BengelyUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown N-19
Benja-RihnUnknown Unknown Unknown Carthasians (indigenous) Carthas Unknown Q-14
BenonUnknown Unknown Delantine systemUnknown Unknown Unknown I-19
BerchestInner Rim Territories Orus sector Berchest system Berchestians (indigenous), Humans, Rodians, Gotals, BimmsCalius saj Leeloo Unknown N-8
BereaOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sector Berea systemHumans Unknown Unknown M-19
BerriInner Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Berrites Unknown Hot, Smoggy N-9
Berrol's DonnMid Rim Kriz sectorUnknown Wookiees, Humans Unknown Unknown K-19
BerrunCore Worlds Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-10
BerusaMid RimUnknown Garos system UnknownUnknown Unknown P-17
BescaneOuter Rim TerritoriesObtrexta sector Obtrexta system Humans Lumchugger's Hub Cool, Temperate K-3
Besero[1] UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown L-10
BesnUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown N-18
Bespin[2] Outer Rim TerritoriesAnoat sector[2]Bespin systemUgnaughts[2], Humans[2], Aqualish, Thranta Riders, etc. Cloud City[2] Temperate (in life zone), Gas K-18
BessimirCore WorldsCoruscant sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown L-9
Bestal ThreeOuter Rim TerritoriesVarada sectorBestal system Humans Unknown Unknown I-19
Bestine IVInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bestine systemHumans Unknown Temperate M-14
Beta OlikarkOuter Rim TerritoriesWyl sectorBeta Olikark systemHumans? Unknown Unknown S-4
Beta RhamaOuter Rim TerritoriesDalchon sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown R-17
BetalWild SpaceUnknown Betal system Unknown Unknown Unknown J-5
Betha IIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sectorBetha systemHumans, others Unknown Unknown P-4
BethalColoniesTapani sectorBethal systemHumans, Bothans, Duros, Ithorians, Rodians Dora Prefecture Unknown L-13
BethanyOuter Rim Territories Unknown Kalinda system Unknown Unknown Unknown O-16
BetharsUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-12
BetolioColoniesTapani sectorBetolio systemHumans Unknown Unknown L-13
BetshishOuter Rim Territories Gordian Reach Unknown Unidentified Betshish species (indigenous) Unknown Unknown P-5
BettokUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown J-4
Bevel IIIInner RimUnknown Bevel systemHumans Unknown Unknown L-8
BextarOuter Rim Territories Velcar sectorBextar systemEntymals, Humans Unknown Gas J-4
BezimMid RimVorc sectorBezim system Bezim (indigenous) Unknown Unknown J-7
Bhuna SoundUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown Unknown K-17
BianasColoniesTapani sectorBianas systemHumans Unknown Unknown L-13
Bid'jermaOuter Rim TerritoriesPrefsbelt sectorBid'jerma systemUnknownUnknownUnknownJ-5
BiewaTingel ArmCorporate SectorBiewa systemHumans Unknown Unknown S-4
BiituOuter Rim TerritoriesCassandran sectorsBiitu systemBiituians (indigenous) Unknown Unknown K-5
BiivrenExpansion RegionUnknown Biivren systemHumans Unknown Tropical P-9
BilagenCore WorldsCorellian sector New Plympto systemUnknown Unknown Unknown M-11
BiliosColoniesTapani sectorBilios systemHumans, Chalactans, Miraluka, Selkath, Trandoshans Unknown Unknown L-13
Bimin IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bimin Three systemUnknown Unknown Unknown N-15
BimmielOuter Rim TerritoriesKanz sectorMZX33291 systemYuuzhan Vong, Humans (relocated) Unknown Unknown N-4
BimmisaariMid RimHalla sectorSaari Ha systemBimms (indigenous), Bimms (non-indigenous near-human species) Glastro Unknown R-9
BinarosOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorBinaros systemHumans Unknown Hot and Humid M-21
BinquarosUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown Unknown N-5
BiolagCore WorldsBormea sectorCorulus system Unknown Unknown Gas L-9
BioshOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorHoth system None None Unknown K-18
B'KnosWild Space Sepan sector Abran systemSsi-ruuk, P'w'ecks, Humans Unknown(extirpated) Unknown G-16
BlenjeelMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Desert Q-15
BlyteColoniesTapani sectorBlyte systemHumans, Ithorians, Quarren, Weequay Unknown Unknown L-13
BnachOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron sectorBnach systemHumans Unknown Hot T-9
Bnar VIIOuter Rim TerritoriesBraxant sectorBnar systemUnknown Unknown Unknown K-3
BodenCore Worlds Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-18
BodrinOuter Rim Territories Elrood sector Bodrin systemHumans Unknown Unknown M-20
Bogoa Expansion RegionImmerian OutbackBogoa systemUnknown Unknown Unknown N-14
BogdenInner Rim Territories Unknown Bogden systemHumans, others Unknown Unknown M-8
Bogo RaiUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Chiss? Unknown Unknown E-8
BoladOuter Rim TerritoriesTharin sectorBolad systemAnnoo-dat Blue Unknown Unknown S-8
BoledgeUnknown Unknown Boledge system Unknown Unknown Unknown N-12
Bomis Koori IVMid Rim Wornal sectorBomis Koori systemKoorivarUnknown Unknown K-16
BonadanTingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemDuros, Hiitians, Humans, Timbu, Tiss'shar Unknown Polluted S-3
Bonadan (Orbital Position B)Tingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemUnknownNone Unknown S-3
Bonadan (Orbital Position C)Tingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemUnknownNone Unknown S-3
Bonadan (Orbital Position F)Tingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemUnknownNone Unknown S-3
Bonadan (Orbital Position G)Tingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemUnknownNone Unknown S-3
Bonadan (Orbital Position H)Tingel ArmCorporate SectorBonadan systemUnknownNone Unknown S-3
BonagalOuter Rim Territories Mandalore sector Mandalore system Unknown Unknown Gas giant O-7
BoordiiOuter Rim Territories Sumitra sector Boordii systemHumans Unknown Temperate N-7
BoranallUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans, others Unknown Temperate P-15
BoraoInner Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Ithorians, Yuuzhan Vong (relocated) Unknown Unknown M-14
BorcorashUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown N-6
BordalOuter Rim Territories Unknown Taroon system Humans Unknown Unknown N-20
BorgaOuter Rim TerritoriesYminis sectorBorga systemUnknownUnknownUnknownS-14
Borgo PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesOricho sectorBorgo Prime systemRakata (formerly), Humans, Randoni, Ranats, HuttsUnknownUnknownM-6
BorkyneUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown L-15
BorleiasColoniesUnknown Pyria system Yuuzhan Vong, Chazrach, Humans (relocated) Unknown Unknown K-9
BorlovUnknown Unknown Unknown Borlovians (indigenous) Unknown Unknown J-19
BormterWild Space Unknown Svekk system Bormterrans (indigenous), Humans Unknown Unknown H-14
BoroskOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Borosk system Humans Unknown Unknown K-5
BortrasOuter Rim Territories Reithcas sector Unknown Humans Reithcas Unknown M-18
BoschUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown K-10
BosphOuter Rim TerritoriesBosph sector Bosph system Bosphs (indigenous) Unknown Unknown Q-3
BosthirdaUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Humans (extirpated) Unknown Unknown R-5
Bota IIUnknown Unknown Bofa system Humans Unknown Unknown M-18
BotajefUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown Unknown O-6
BothawuiMid RimBothan sectorBothan systemBothans (indigenous), etc. Drev'starn Temperate R-14
BoudolayzOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Boudolayz systemHumans Unknown Unknown N-12
Bovo YagenCore Worlds Corellian sector Bovo Yagen system Bovorians (indigenous), Drall, Humans, Aqualish, Duros, Devaronians, Sullustans, (planet destroyed; some inhabitants relocated) Unknown Temperate O-13
Boz PityOuter Rim Territories Halla sectorBoz Pity systemGargantelles (indigenous; extinct) Unknown Unknown S-9
BoztrokOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Advozsec, Humans, Hutts, Klatooinians, Nimbanels Thokisl Unknown R-3
BpfasshOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis sectorBpfassh systemBpfasshi (indigenous) Unknown Arid M-19
Brachnis ChoriosOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorChorios system Humans? Unknown Cold R-7
BragkisUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown R-6
BranteezOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown Unknown Q-17
BranthOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, etc. Unknown Smoggy, Warm, and Damp Unknown
Brath QellaMid RimMieru'kar sectorQella systemQella (indigenous) Unknown Unknown O-3
BreekaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Dry P-17
Brentaal IVCore WorldsBormea sectorBrentaal systemHumans Cormond Dry L-9
BrenuOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth system None None Unknown O-17
BresallisOuter Rim TerritoriesCadma sectorBresallis systemHumans, Hutts Unknown Unknown T-8
BresanOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorBresan system Humans Unknown Unknown M-21
BreshkallOuter Rim Territories Khuiumin sector Breshkall systemUnknown Unknown Unknown O-19
BresnanOuter Rim Territories Trax sector Wellte-ir system Humans Unknown Unknown Q-10
BrettaOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorUnknown Humans Unknown Unknown N-7
BrevostExpansion Region Unknown Brevost systemUnknown Unknown Unknown O-15
Bri'ahlOuter Rim TerritoriesBri'ahl sectorBri'ahl systemBri'ahlians (indigenous) Presidential palace Unknown I-17
Bridin AnchorageOuter Rim TerritoriesPortmoak sectorGallienis systemHumans Bridis City Unknown P-18
BrigiaOuter Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyBrigia systemBrigians (indigenous) Unknown Unknown T-6
BrintooinOuter Rim Territories Seswenna sectorBrintooin systemHumans Unknown Unknown M-18
BrochiibOuter Rim Territories Trianii Space Unknown Trianii Unknown Unknown S-3
Brodo AsogiOuter Rim TerritoriesPerinn sectorBrodo Asogi systemGrebleips' species (indigenous) Unknown Unknown J-4
BroestCore WorldsAg CircuitBroest systemHumans Unknown Unknown L-10
BrolsamOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknown Fefze, Humans, Rodians Unknown Unknown M-21
BromlarchMid RimVish sectorBromlarch system Unknown Unknown Unknown O-16
BrontOuter Rim TerritoriesSvivreni sectorBront systemHumans (extirpated) Unknown Unknown O-19
BrosiOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorDostra systemBrosin (indigenous), HumansMailor Temperate S-3
BryexxUnknown Varvenna sectorUnknown Humans Unknown Unknown M-13
BryndarUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans, others Unknown Icy? K-19
BryxUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown R-8
Bseto IMid RimUnknown Bseto systemUnknown Unknown Unknown P-7
Buamlon CentralUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Q-4
BudpockOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorUnknown Humans Demmit Station Unknown R-7
BundimOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax sectorBundim systemHumans, Mon CalamariHeg Unknown Q-10
BundukiOuter Rim TerritoriesPacanth ReachBunduki systemHumans Äslajä Unknown H-16
Burnin KonnOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorBurnin Konn systemHumans Unknown Unknown K-18
BurskaMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Tundra I-7
Bursoll IIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bursol IInative species (indigenous) Unknown Unknown H-17
Butler's CoveMid Rim Unknown Stribos systemSsither (indigenous) Unknown Unknown M-10
ByblosColoniesUnknown Byblos systemHumans, etc. Byblos City Cool M-12
ByssDeep CoreDeep Core Security Zone Beshqek system Humans, others. (planet destroyed) Imperial Citadel Temperate K-11
ByssOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Byss and Abyss systemAbyssin (indigenous) Unknown Hot and Arid S-7

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