NameRegionSectorSystemInhabitantsCapital CityClimateGrid Coordinates
EalorOuter Rim TerritoriesParmic sectorBysis systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
Eamus 6Core WorldsUnknownEamus systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EbaqDeep CoreUnknown Treskov systemNone Unknown Gas
EbiwaanInner RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EbraMid RimKesh sectorDousc systemEbranites (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
Ec PandMid RimAdo sectorEc Pand systemHumans Unknown Unknown
EcklessWild SpaceUnknown Eckless systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EclipseDeep CoreUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EczarOuter Rim TerritoriesSeswenna sectorEczar systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
Edan IIExpansion RegionUnknown Edan system HumansFortuna City Icy, Snowy
EdathaExpansion RegionUnknown Edatha systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EdiorungInner RimHapes ClusterEdiorung systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EdonaarisOuter Rim TerritoriesThrasybule sectorEdonaaris systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EedoqOuter Rim TerritoriesTantra sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EerophaColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EeyyonMid RimHalm sectorEeyyon systemEeyyons (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
EhjenlaOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorEhjenla system Tuhgri (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
Eiattu 6Mid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EirrauusOuter Rim TerritoriesQuence sectorEirrauus systemEirrauc Unknown Desert
Eislomi IIIMid RimEislomi sector Eislomi systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EjolusInner RimUnknown Ejolus systemUnknown Unknown Temperate
EkiboTingel ArmTrianii SpaceUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Elbara NineMid RimUnknown Elbara system Humans Unknown Icy
ElcorthCore WorldsFarlax sector Unknown Yevetha Unknown Unknown
ElerionOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Humid
EliadOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos ClusterEliad systemHumans Unknown Temperate
Elin RoeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Elin Roe system Unknown Unknown Unknown
EloggiOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sector Endor systemUnknown Unknown Frozen
ElokasOuter Rim TerritoriesSamix sector Sabrixin system Unknown Unknown Unknown
ElomOuter Rim TerritoriesBorderland RegionsUnknownElom (indigenous), Elomin (indigenous), HumansElos Cold, Desert
ElpoorExpansion RegionUnknown Ropagi system Unknown Unknown Searing hot
ElroodOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sector Elrood systemHumansElrooden Temperate
Elshandruu PicaOuter Rim TerritoriesQuence sector Unknown Humans Picavil Unknown
ElshoOuter Rim TerritoriesTadrin subsector Garqi systemUnknown Unknown Gas
EmbarilOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EmberCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EmberleneExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EmetExpansion RegionBrak sector Genesia systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EmmerOuter Rim TerritoriesNilgaard sector Emmer system Emmerian (indigenous), Herglic (indigenous), Ugor (indigenous), Defel, Gamorrean Unknown Unknown
Empress TetaDeep CoreUnknown Empress Teta systemHumans, various Cinnagar Temperate to arctic
EmraExpansion RegionBrak sectorDemar system Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnalehColoniesUnknown Enaleh systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EnarcMid RimUnknown Demophon systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EnarcMid RimUnknown Enarc systemHumans, Neimoidian Unknown Unknown
EndexOuter Rim TerritoriesVelcar sectorEndex systemEntymal (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
EndorOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sectorEndor systemNoneNone Temperate
EndoraanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EndovanUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnenpaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Thurra systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EnfermUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Engebo VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Engebo systemUnknownUnknown Unknown
EngiraOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro sector Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EniscaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnkepUnknownWild Space Katorrs system Unknown Unknown Molten
EnnthOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Various Unknown Unknown
EnsolicaUnknownUnknown Unknown Ensos (indigenous) Unknown Frozen
EntrallaOuter Rim TerritoriesVelcar sectorEntralla systemHumans Nexus City Unknown
EntrusOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax sector Unknown Humans Cica Temperate
EntuurUnknownUnknown Unknown Entuurans Unknown Unknown
Eol ShaOuter Rim TerritoriesRaioballo sectorUnknown Humans Unknown Temperate
EosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Eos system Unknown Unknown Volcanic
EpicaUnknownUnknown Unknown Mixed Unknown Unknown
Epsi NadirOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EquanusOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Nharl systemEquani (extinct) Unknown Barren
EraiUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eredenn PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyErediss systemHumans, Wookiees Unknown Icy
EredinOuter Rim TerritoriesAstal sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown Icy
ErepMid RimChommell sectorNaboo systemUnknown Unknown Searing
Eres IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ErgeshuiInner RimUnknown Agash systemErgesh (indigenous), Humans Unknown Hot
EriaduOuter Rim TerritoriesSeswenna sectorEriadu systemHumans, Septoids Unknown Polluted
ErigormUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
ErilnarOuter Rim TerritoriesCentralityErilnar systemHumans Unknown Unknown
EriscotUnknownUnknown Unknown Formerly Nejma (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
Er'KitOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Er'Kit (indigenous) Unknown Desery
ErodsisOuter Rim TerritoriesSavareen sector Christoph system Unknown Unknown Gas
Er'staciaUnknownWild SpaceUnknown Er'stacian (indigenous) Unknown Temperate
ErtegasOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorErtegas systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
ErysthesTingel ArmCorporate SectorErysthes systemHumans Unknown Unknown
EscabarUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown Unknown
EsfandiaUnknownWild SpaceUnknown Brrbrlpp (indigenous), various Unknown Barren
EsoomaOuter Rim TerritoriesSprizen sectorEsooma systemEsoomians (indigenous)Unknown Unknown N-5
EspirionUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EsselesCore WorldsDarpa sectorEssesia systemHumans, Herglics, Bothans, Geonosians, Gungans, Hutts, Jawas, Mon Calamari, Sullustans, Twi'leks, Weequay Calamar Unknown
EssionTingel ArmCorporate SectorLucaya systemHumans Unknown Unknown
EssowynOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax sectorSaurton systemSaurtons, Hoska, Humans, Verpine, Sullustans Hilissa Temperate
EstaphUnknownTapani sectorEstaph systemUnknown Unknown Unknown
EtoraspUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Etti IVTingel ArmCorporate SectorEtti systemEtti (indigenous), Humans, Rakririan Mondder Hot
EuceronMid RimUnknown Unknown Euceron (indigenous)Eusebus Unknown
EutonOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii sectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown Searing
Evas VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Pliith (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
ExcargaOuter Rim TerritoriesHerios sectorUnknown Exargans (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
ExocronOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknown HumansCaballa City Temperate
ExodeenColoniesUnknown Exodeen systemExodeenians (indigenous) Unknown Unknown
Exodo IIOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorExodo systemHumans, GhaswarUnknown Hot
ExporaCore WorldsBormea sectorChandrila systemUnknown Unknown Unknown

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