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Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
G'aav'aar'oonUnknownUnknown Unknown Gamorrean Unknown
Gabredor IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown None, formerly Humans, Defels Unknown
GacerianUnknownUnknown Gacerian system Unknown Unknown
Gadon 3UnknownUnknown Unknown Gadon (indigenous) Unknown
GaftikarOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, Marit Unknown
GaileaUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Femon
GaiosUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GalaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Galacians(indigenous) Galu
GalaanOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sector Galaanus system Unknown Unknown
GalandCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Galandans (indigenous) Unknown
GalantosCore WorldsFarlax sector, Koornacht Cluster Utos system Fia (indigenous), Humans Gal'fian'deprisi
GaldarUnknownUnknown Unknown Galderians (indigenous) Unknown
GaleMid RimTeraab sectorHoth's Brand systemNoneNone
GalidraanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GallOuter Rim TerritoriesCadavine sectorZhar systemHumans Unknown
Galleefryn IIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorGalleefryn systemHumans Unknown
GallinoreInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterUnknown Hapans Dimitor
GalltineUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Galpos IIOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
GalteaOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Galvoni IIIUnknownUnknown Galvoni systemHumans Unknown
GamaUnknownUnknown Unknown Gama-Senn (indigenous) Unknown
GamandarOuter Rim TerritoriesIskalon system Unknown Gamandars (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GambollaOuter Rim TerritoriesSpadja sectorUnknown Humans, WhiphidsDock City
GammalinUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GamorrOuter Rim TerritoriesGalov sectorOpoku systemGamorreans (indigenous) Unknown
GanashMid RimBothan SpaceBoth systemUnknown Unknown
GanathMid RimHutt SpaceGanath systemGanathans (indigenous) Unknown
GandOuter Rim TerritoriesShadola sector Gand system Gand (indigenous) Unknown
GandealMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Gandle OttOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorOtt system Humans Unknown
Gandolo IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gandrossi VIOuter Rim TerritoriesPerinn sector Gandrossi systemUnknown Unknown
Gandrun IIUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ganeid IVUnknownUnknown Ganeid system Unknown Unknown
GaniaColoniesTapani sector Gania system Unknown Unknown
GanlihkUnknownUnknown Ganlihk system Humans Unknown
GanthelUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GanthoUnknownUnknown Gantho system Humans Unknown
Gap NineUnknownUnknown Iast systemUnknown Unknown
GarbanOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion sectorTau Sakar systemJenet Unknown
Garen IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GargonOuter Rim TerritoriesMandalore sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
GariaExpansion RegionBrak sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
GarnUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GarnibMid RimSenex sectorGarnib systemBalinaka Unknown
GarobiColoniesTapani sectorGarobi systemUnknown Unknown
Garos IVMid RimUnknown Garos systemHumans Garan
GarqiOuter Rim TerritoriesTadrin subsectorGarqi systemHumansPesktda
GarrthiniusUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GarsalaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GartExpansion RegionBrak sectorDemar systemUnknown Unknown
GartanaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GarulagCore WorldsBormea sectorCorulus systemUnknown Unknown
GasconUnknownUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown
GastolCore WorldsBormea sectorBrentaal systemUnknown Unknown
GastrulaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Gastrulans (indigenous) Unknown
GathusUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GaulusUnknownGaulus sectorUnknown Gaulians (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GaurickTingel ArmCorporate SectorGaurick system Unknown Unknown
GautherOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorDesev system Unknown Unknown
GavensExpansion RegionTregillis sectorGavens systemHumansTorlas
GavosHutt SpaceUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
GavrynMid RimRomintine sectorGavryn systemHumans Unknown
GbuOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Veubgri (indigenous) Unknown
Gedi IVUnknownUnknown Gedi systemUnknown Unknown
Geedon VOuter Rim TerritoriesPloo sector Geedon systemHuman Unknown
GelefilOuter Rim TerritoriesNimat CorridorAnnoo systemRet (indigenous), Humans, Annoo-dat Prime Unknown
GelgelarOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sector or Airam sectorGelgelar system Human, Sullustan, Twi'lek, Quarren, Rodian Gelgelar Free Port
GellefonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Korness systemGellbeasts (indigenous)Humans Unknown
GeminorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lianna systemUnknown Unknown
GenariusMid RimUnknown Cularin systemHumans Unknown
GenassaMid RimM'shinni sectorUnknown M'shinni Unknown
Gendius VUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
GenerisOuter Rim TerritoriesAtrivis sectorAtrivis systemHumans Unknown
GenesiaExpansion RegionBrak sectorGenesia system Phlogs (indigenous), Human, Rodian, Twi'lekBrenn
GenianMid RimUnknown Unknown Genian (indigenous) Unknown
GenonUnknownUnknown Unknown Hutts, various Unknown
GentesOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sector Anoat systemUgnaughts, Humans Unknown
GeonosisOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorGeonosis systemGeonosians (indigenous)Stalgasin hive
GeranOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Mneon systemUnknown Unknown
Gerbaud 2Outer Rim TerritoriesSepan sectorSepan systemUnknown Unknown
Gerhalt IIIUnknownUnknown Gerhalt systemUnknown Unknown
Geric IVUnknownUnknown Geric systemUnknown Unknown
GeridardMid RimDoldur sectorGeridard systemHumans Unknown
Geris VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Mandalorian Unknown
GerissOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorGeonosis systemNoneNone
Gerrard VCore WorldsUnknown Gerrard system Human Unknown
GerrenthumOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorGerrenthum systemHumans, Nothoiins, Lutrillians, Mugaari Cadriell
Gerres GuleUnknownUnknown Unknown Kulless (indigenous) Unknown
Gertafuu VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GesarilOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos ClusterGesaril systemGesaril, Humans, various Unknown
GestronUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GettiarnOuter Rim TerritoriesIotran ExpanseIotran systemHumans Unknown
GhishiUnknownUnknown Unknown Ghishi Unknown
G'HolDeep CoreKoornacht ClusterN'zoth systemUnknownUnknown
Gholondreine-ßUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GhormanColoniesSern sectorGhorman systemHumans Unknown
GibbelaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GigorOuter Rim TerritoriesTynquay sectorGigor systemGigoran (indigenous) Unknown
GijuColoniesHerglic SpaceGiju systemHerglic Unknown
Gilatter VIIIMid RimUnknown Gilatter systemNoneNone
GilladDeep CoreUnknownEmpress Teta systemUnknown Unknown
GladeOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachUnknown Unknown Unknown
GlakkaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GlauheimOuter Rim TerritoriesMarcellus NebulaMarcellus systemUnknown Unknown
Glee AnselmMid RimUnknown Unknown Nautolans (indigenous), Anselmi (indigenous) Unknown
GlithnosUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Glom ThoUnknownHevvrol sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
GlottalUnknownUnknown Unknown Glottalphibs (indigenous) Unknown
GlovaUnknownUnknown Glova systemHumans Drepplin
GobindiUnknownUnknown Gobindi systemGobindiMah Dala
GodoOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Godoans (indigenous) Unknown
GodsspireOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
GoelitzTingel ArmCorporate SectorGoelitz system UnknownHumans
GolhOuter Rim TerritoriesVidenda sectorGolh system Unknown Unknown
GolkusColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GolmMid RimUnknown Both systemUnknown Unknown
GolrathOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Goluud MinorDeep CoreUnknown Goluud systemCha'a Unknown
GonmoreOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Goratak IIIUnknownUnknown Goratak systemUnknown Unknown
GoravasCore WorldsKuat sector Kuat system Unknown Unknown
GorbahOuter Rim TerritoriesAtravis sectorGorbah systemHumans Unknown
GorobeiInner RimUnknownGorobei systemFrenkUnknown
Goroth PrimeMid RimTrans-Nebular sector Goroth systemGorothite (indigenous), Humans, Aqualish Unknown
GorshOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemOrgons (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GortamniOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GortisCore WorldsKuat sector Kuat system Unknown Unknown
GosfamblingMid RimLifh sectorGosfambling systemGosfambling Unknown
GotidaUnknownUnknown Goti systemHumans Jalor City
GottlegoobUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GowdawlUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gra PlovenUnknownUnknown Unknown Ploven (indigenous) Unknown
Graal'diinUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GrakouineUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GrannaUnknownUnknown Unknown Grannan (indigenous) Unknown
Granus IVMid RimUnknown Unknown None None
GrastesCore WorldsAzure sector Axum system Unknown Unknown
Gravan SevenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gravan system None None
Gravlex MedOuter Rim TerritoriesRaioballo sector, Anx Space Unknown None, Formally Anx, Shusugaunt, Medx Homunculi None
Greater GalamUnknownUnknown Lan systemNone None
Greater MarianasUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GreeOuter Rim TerritoriesGree Enclave Gree system Gree Unknown
GrellaUnknownTapani sector Grella system Unknown Unknown
Greyman's PlanetOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Soarin system Unknown Unknown
G'rhoWild SpaceShiritoku SpurUnknown Ssi-ruuks, P'w'ecks Unknown
GrizmalltCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GromasMid RimPerkell sector Gromas system Unknown Unknown
GruviaExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Gruvian (indigenous) Unknown
GryphonUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GuiteicaOuter Rim TerritoriesKadok Regions Tertiary Kadok system Bitthævrian (indigenous) Unknown
GulmaUnknownUnknown Unknown Gulmarid (indigenous) Unknown
GumbusCore WorldsUnknown Brentaal system Unknown Unknown
GwarMid RimFreestanding subsectorsGwar systemUnknownUnknown
G'weneeUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GworiUnknownUnknown Unknown Muuns Unknown
GymeloOuter Rim TerritoriesWild Space Unknown Unknown Unknown
GyndineExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans Yractos
GyoshaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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