Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
HaaridenInner RimUnknown Haariden systemHumans Spaceport City
HaashimutOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Habassa IIUnknownUnknown Habassa systemHabassa (indigenous) Unknown
Had AbbadonDeep CoreUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HadlressUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HaffrinOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HakassiUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HalanitUnknownUnknown Unknown None, formerly Humans None
HalbaraOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorHalbara systemHumans Halbara One
HaldeenColoniesHaldeen sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HaliUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Hallitron-7Mid RimUnknown Hallitron systemHumans Unknown
Hallrin IVMid RimUnknown Hallrin systemUnknown Unknown
HalmUnknownUnknown Unknown Gran Unknown
HalmadOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii sectorHalmad systemHumans Hullis
HalowanInner RimFakir sectorHalowan systemHumans Unknown
HalpatCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HanchinOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sectorMina systemUnknown Unknown
HandooineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Handooine systemHumans Jelwick
HanofarColoniesUnknown Hanofar systemHumans Unknown
HapesInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterHapes systemHumans Ta'a Chume'Dan
HapuntepUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HargeevaOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorUnknown Humans Arginall City
HarixUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HarloenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HarporiMid RimUnknown Unknown None None
HarrandarrOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Buzchub (indigenous) Unknown
HarridanUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans, various Unknown
HarrinInner Rim TerritoriesHarrin sectorHarrin systemHumans Unknown
Harrod's PlanetOuter Rim TerritoriesOplovis sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Haruun KalMid RimUnknown Al'Har systemHumans, various Pelek Baw
HasaqUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HastUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hathrox IIIUnknownUnknown Hathrox systemNone Unknown
Havath MinorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
Havath PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
HaverlingOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HavricusColoniesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HebethOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemNone None
HefiOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Helix IXUnknownUnknown UnknownHelix IX natives (indigenous) Unknown
HelliosColoniesTapani sectorHellios systemHumans Unknown
Heloan YagenCore WorldsCorellian sectorBovo Yagen systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 1Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 2Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 3Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska IVTingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemYuuzhan Vong Unknown
Helska 5Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 6Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 7Tingel ArmDalonbian sectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Hemei IVCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
Hensara IIIColoniesRachuk sectorHensara systemHumans Unknown
HerdessaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, Zeltrons Unknown
HeregoOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Herios IVUnknownHerios sectorHerios systemUnknown Unknown
HeristonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
HernCore WorldsDarpa sectorRhinnal systemUnknown Unknown
HerrikUnknownUnknownHerrik systemUnknownUnknown
Herstell VColoniesUnknownHerstell systemUnknown Unknown
HerzobColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans, Rodians Unknown
HetharUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HettskBorderland RegionsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HewlUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
High ChunahOuter Rim TerritoriesJavin sectorHigh Chunah systemUnknown Unknown
HijadoUnknownUnknown Hijado system Mixed Unknown
HijarnaInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HikilUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hintivan IIUnknownUnknown Hintivan systemUnknown Unknown
HirinUnknownUnknown Thrantin OM81-A systemNone None
HirsiOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Qwohog (indigenous) Unknown
HishyimWild SpaceAbrion sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HjaffInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Tarc (indigenous) Unknown
H'nemtheOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil sectorUnknown H'nemthe (indigenous) Unknown
HockalegOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Patriim systemUnknown Unknown
HokColoniesUnknown Unknown Gran Unknown
HolageusOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HolessUnknownUnknown Unknown Holessians Unknown
Hollast VIIOuter Rim TerritoriesHutt SpaceHollastin systemHutts, Humans, various Unknown
HomonOuter Rim TerritoriesHomon sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HonoghrOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron sectorHonoghr systemNoghri (indigenous), Humans Nystao
HoppawuiMid RimBothan SpaceBoth systemUnknown Unknown
Hordon CalCore WorldsCorellian sectorThanta Zilbra systemUnknown Unknown
Horn StationUnknownUnknown Unknown Unidentified Horn Station species (indigenous) Unknown
HorobUnknownUnknown Unknown Horobian (indigenous), Humans Unknown
HorskaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HorticarCore WorldsFarlax sectorUtos systemUnknown Unknown
Hosrel XIOuter Rim TerritoriesCentralityHosrel systemHumans Unknown
Hoszh IszhirUnknownUnknown Unknown Gektl (indigenous) Unknown
HothOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorHoth systemNone None
HoucheWild SpaceUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HoullDeep CoreDeep Core Security ZoneBeshqek systemUnknown Unknown
Hovan 99UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HrakiOuter Rim TerritoriesVorzyd sectorVorzyd systemHrakian (indigenous) Unknown
H'ratthUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HuipOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemNone None
HukOuter Rim TerritoriesImperial SpaceAbbaji systemYam'rii (indigenous) Unknown
HumbarineCore Worlds/LegendsHumbarine sectorUnknown Humans, Various Unknown
HaldeenColoniesHaldeen sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HurchaMid RimUnknown Churba systemUnknown Unknown
HurikaneUnknownUnknown Unknown Hurikaneans (indigenous) Unknown
HutlarMid RimSenex sectorUnknown Hutlarians (indigenous) Unknown
HuuliaColoniesUnknownHuulia systemHumans Unknown
HyabbCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HyderUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HyporiOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorHypori systemNone Unknown
Hyrol Preen BetaOuter Rim TerritoriesPortmoak sectorHyrol Preen systemUnknown Unknown
HysalriaOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis sectorHysalria systemHysalrian (indigenous) Unknown
Hythrope IVUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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