Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
JabiimOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Jabiim system Humans Choal
JaborMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JaemusOuter Rim TerritoriesObtrexta sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Jagga IIColoniesUnknown Venjagga system Humans Unknown
Jagga VIIColoniesUnknown Venjagga system Unknown Unknown
JaguadaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Jaguada system Unknown Unknown
JaminereOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sector Jaminere system Humans Unknown
Janara IIIUnknownUnknown Janara system Unknown Unknown
JandoonOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sector Jandoon system Brizzit Unknown
JandurUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JangelleOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sector Jangelle system Humans Unknown
JanguineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Mooloolians (indigenous) Unknown
Janilis VIIUnknownUnknown Janilis system Unknown Unknown
JankokUnknownUnknown Unknown Srrors'tok (indigenous) Unknown
Janodral MizarUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jante Mid RimUnknown Jante system Jante (indigenous) Reynols
JappeUnknownTapani sector Jappe system Unknown Unknown
Jardeen IVUnknownUnknown Jardeen system Humans Unknown
JaroonaOuter Rim TerritoriesSeswenna sectorEriadu system Unknown Unknown
JarsattUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JarvanamOuter Rim TerritoriesAstal sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jashwa Unknown Unknown Unknown Jashwik Unknown
Jastro IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JateeMid RimUnknown Demophon system Ssither Unknown
Jatir ColoniesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JavaalCore WorldsUnknown Brentaal system Unknown Unknown
JavinOuter Rim TerritoriesJavin sector Javin system Humans, Mugaari Unknown
JavisColoniesTapani sector Javis system Humans. Twi'leks, Wookiees, Duros, Selkath Unknown
JazbinaUnknownUnknown Unknown Jazbinans (indigenous), Humans Unknown
J'doytzin IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jedd 6UnknownUnknown Jedd system Unknown Unknown
Jellyfish CoveUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JendarUnknownNembus sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
JendornMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JenenmaUnknownUnknown Unknown Duros, Hutts, Cereans, Zabrak, Gamorrians Sahl-Evin
JentawuiMid RimBothan Space Both system Unknown Unknown
JerijadorOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron sector Unknown Humans Unknown
JerneUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans, formerly Jerni Unknown
JerrilekUnknownUnknown Jerrilek system Humans, Ithorians Unknown
Jerrist VIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorJerrist system Humans Unknown
JestanUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JestefadOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Mustafar system Unknown Unknown
Jeyell Mid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JhasOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Hoth system Unknown Unknown
JiaanUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Jilrua Hutt Space Unknown Jilrua system Jilruan Unknown
JinetExpansion RegionBrak sectorJinet system Unknown Unknown
Jiroch-ResliaMid RimUnknown Jiroch system Tunroth (indigenous) Unknown
Jjannex IIUnknownUnknown Jjannex system Unknown Unknown
JodakaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JofogerOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JoiolInner Rim TerritoriesOrus sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
JomarkOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro sector Jomark system Humans Unknown
JomonWild SpaceUnknown Kamino system Unknown Unknown
JorallaMid RimYushan sector Joralla system Tikiarri (indigenous), Humans Unknown
JorunaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
J't'p'tanCore WorldsFarlax sector Unknown Humans, Twi'leks, Galandans Unknown
Jubilar UnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Julsujod IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown None, formally StribersUnknown
JumusCore Worlds Corellian sectorJumus system Humans, Gran, Wookiees, Hutts, Twi'leks, Miraluka, Bith, Trandoshans Unknown
JunWild SpaceParthovian ClusterFaarlsun system Unknown Unknown
Junction VMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Rion
Jussafet FourOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Jussafet system Humans Unknown
JuvexMid RimJuvex sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Jweab VIIUnknownUnknown Jweab system Unknown Unknown

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