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Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city Grid Coordinates
Xa FelExpansion Rim Kanchen sector Xa Fel System Xa Fel Unknown K-9
XagobahOuter Rim Mayagil sector Xagobah system Xamsters Unknown M-18
Xal 3Outer Rim Ablajeck sector Xal system Unknown Unknown H-16
Xandil VIIMid Rim Lambda sectorXandil system Humans Unknown P-16
XantarOuter Rim Corva sector Xantar system Unidentified Xantar species Unknown P-4
XartunOuter Rim Ojoster sector Xartun system Humans Unknown Unknown
Xaza IVMid Rim Xan sector Xaza system Unknown Unknown Q-15
XendInner Rim Unknown Xend system Unknown Insects and Winged Xendrites Unknown Unknown
XeronInner Rim Unknown Xeron system Humans Unknown M-14
Xerton NineWild Space Unknown Xerton system Unknown Unknown J-3
XerxesCore Worlds Unknown Xerxes system Humans Unknown M-11
XiunsrusOuter Rim Quence sector Xiunsrus system Humans Unknown P-18
XoOuter Rim Spinward sector Xo system Zanibar Unknown N-2
Xobome 6Colonies Unknown Xobome system Unknown Unknown N-10
XoemefelMid Rim Marzoon sector Xoemefel system Unknown Unknown I-16
Xoman ThreeMid Rim Halla sector Xoman system Humans Unknown S-9
XorthCore Worlds Unknown Xorth system Unknown Unknown L-10
XuaquarresOuter Rim Ash Worlds sector Xuaquarres system Duinuogwuin Unknown S-7
XxanOuter Rim Antemeridian sector Xxan system Unknown Acquos R-7
Xyquine IICore Worlds Corellian sector Xyquine system Various Xyquine base M-11

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