Little Empires is an adventure in The Kathol Outback, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

After intercepting a transmission from Moff Kentor Sarne, the FarStar heads to the Episol system in an effort to engage the Imperial. However, upon arrival, they find a crippled ship, the Bravado III, who claims to have been attacked by a New Republic ship, the Lance of Endor. Not wishing to provoke an incident, the FarStar surrenders and is taken to the capital of the Kathol Republic, Dayark. In front of the Kathol Republic Senatorial Council, the FarStar crew mananges to convince the rulers of the Kathol Republic of their innocence.

However, to get back the FarStar, which was impounded upon arrival, the crew realize they need the support of the President, Chandra Hobat. However, due to political infighting, she cannot openly support them due to a rival Senator, Sho'ban Do. At the suggestion of Sal Olbeg, members of the FarStar crew travel to Pitann to investigate Do's ties with a droid combat ring. On Pitann, they learn that Do is secretly plotting a coup against the Kathol Republic, using the droid combat games as a means of covering his development of a remote control program to take control of all the droids within the Republic. By convincing his chief programmer, Uta T'Cha to provide evidence against Do, the crew of the FarStar expose his plan and regain their ship.



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