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"I'm going to have to shoot them all in the head before they try to eat my liver."
―Ryamn, about his patients infected with the rakghoul plague[src]

The liver was an edible internal organ found in many non-sentient creatures and sentient humanoid species. While a type of food that Ewoks did not like,[1] Nikto ate Human livers,[2] and many species enjoyed the livers of other creatures.[3] The liver was one of the primary organs for processing alcohol,[4] but heavy doses of alcoholic substances could damage it.[5] If the liver failed completely, one could die.[6] Fortunately for those with liver trouble, livers could be cloned,[5] grafted,[7] and genetically enhanced.[4]

Devaronians[8] and Zeltrons[9] were examples of sentient humanoids who had two livers, which allowed them to enjoy a larger number of alcoholic beverages than other humanoids.

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