The Livet Tower was a small tower on the planet Naboo located next to the Funeral Temple on the banks of the Solleu River near Theed, building located in the city of Theed and connected to the city's Funeral Temple by a bridge that spanned the Solleu River. It housed an eternal flame, which was intended as a reminder to the Naboo of their mortality and an admonition for them to live in harmony.[2]


Funeral Temple

The Livet Tower at the time of Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral

Constructed on the outskirts of Theed, the Livet Tower was a quiet, reflective place sought out while mourning the dead. An unadorned tower of stone, the tower contained the Eternal Flame which served to remind the Naboo of the transience of their current life and their duty to lead harmonious lives.[3]

It was Naboo belief that a body must be cremated within two days of death in order to return the life force of the dead to the planet. The ashes were then thrown from the bridge between the Funeral Temple and the Livet Tower, and into the Solleu River before its plunge over the cliff.[3]



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