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Living windmill was the nickname Han Solo gave to his first opponent in The Big Game on The Wheel. This opponent was a tall, muscular Ultaarian Greenback with pink skin except for on the neck, shoulders, and skull, all of which were covered in green scales. The creature had a broad face and short beak-like snout with a single nasal horn, two upward-jutting tusks, and two light green eyes. The being appeared totally hairless. The living windmill came from a species which did not know how to laugh.

The living windmill attacked Solo with dagger thorns and vicious kicks, and almost killed him; however, Solo threw his power shield at the living windmill's legs, causing the opponent to fall upon one of his own thorns. Even while dying of the venom, the gladiator attempted to stab Solo with one of the thorns, but Solo blocked the blow with a simulated rock as the opponent's corpse collapsed upon him.