Livintius Sazet was a male Falleen academic-turned-intelligence operative who served the Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars.


Sazet spent his entire adult life in education, holding positions in the Galactic Republic's Ministry of Public Information and Ministry of Education. After Joram Kithe's actions on Pengalan IV a Senate subcommittee recommended that perhaps other experts from other government division be given intelligence training. This led to Livintius receiving intensive intelligence officer training and went on a mission to rescue Edbit Teeks and other people that were kidnapped by the Tarhassan Planetary Security.

Despite the training he was unsuited to intelligence operations, obsessed with minutes, precise timing, lists and was completely unskilled in interrogation, perhaps due to his species' nature of changing the color of their skin when emotional. When faced with the possibility of killing someone he became very enthusiastic, although unwilling to carry out the act.

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