"Gnah! I'll kill you, Wookiee!"

Lix was a male, rat-like individual who worked as a slaver. He was active around 185 BBY and was a known associate of a Human named Nishrah and a Talz named Twool. While on Kashyyyk, the three slavers tried to capture a group of Wookiees who had traveled to the planet's dangerous Shadowlands. When the encounter escalated into violence, Lix killed a Wookiee pup Barraak, drawing the ire of the latter's companions. Eventually, Lix and his partners were disarmed and captured by the Wookiees. Lix, however, preferred the dangers of the Shadowlands rather than surrendering, and he plunged back into Kashyyyk's depths, where he was eaten alive by a giant snake.[1]

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