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Lo Pelkar was a male Human Padawan who served the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, specializing to become a Jedi Guardian.


A Force-sensitive Human, Lo Pelkar was educated in the ways of the Force at the Almas Academy, an experimental school run by the Jedi Order. Selected to become the Padawan of Rodian Jedi Knight Rulo, the pair took on assignments for the Almas Council that took them around the Cularin system.[1]

Padawan Pelkar and Master Rulo were given a mission in 31 BBY to discover the cause of the destruction of several vital kaluthin farms on Almas. Visiting a local bar, the Jedi asked the patrons if they were aware of any strange individuals moving through town. Discovering that most of the patrons believed the Jedi were behind the destruction of the farms, the usually cocky Pelkar remained inline, and was able to uncover clues that led the Jedi to discover the true criminals: Dark Jedi Kosa-Yin Hadu and Gar Granga.[1]


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