A lobotomy was a neurosurgical procedure in which the connections to and from the pre-frontal cortex were cut from the brain. A lobotomy usually resulted in a serious loss of cognitive function.

Defeen tried to have Triclops lobotomized at the Imperial Reprogramming Institute.[1]

While imprisoned on the first Death Star, Princess Leia Organa remembered being threatened with being "lobotomized and then taken to one of the barracks' pleasure houses".[2]

An operation needed to lobotimize a Coruscani ogre and implant them with cybernetics was less expensive when compared to purchasing a new droid.[3]

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During the production of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, it was decided that the talkative character of "Lando's aide" would be muted due to his cybernetic implants lobotomizing him.[4] As a reference to this change, the character was named "Lobot," a corruption of the word "lobotomy."[5]



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