Logor was a male Quarren thug who lived on the planet Mon Calamari. During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Imperial Intelligence agents traveled to the city Morjanssik on Mon Calamari and began disrupting mining operations in the city, in an attempt to prevent Mon Calamari from supplying starships to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The agents, disguised as Mon Calamari, hired Logor to attack a team of Alliance agents sent to Morjanssik to investigate the sabotage caused by the infiltrators. Logor hired a group of local Quarren thugs to attack the Alliance agents in the Long Spoon, a Morjanssik bar. Logor was present in the bar during the fight and he left during the confusion of the attack. He fled the scene on a skimmer and was subsequently pursued by the agents.


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