"My knowledge is your weapon."
―Loku Kanoloa[src]

Loku Kanoloa was a male Mon Calamari marksman that was aligned with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Coordinated Attack IA-RtH

Kanoloa using his marksman skills on Hoth

"Sometimes study isn't enough, and you're forced to learn on the fly."
―Loku Kanoloa[src]

Prior to joining the Rebel Alliance, Loku Kanoloa was a member of the Mon Cala Special Forces, with whom he performed several missions. After joining the Rebellion, he put his skills as a sniper to good use. At one point, with very little lead time, he executed a mission to rescue several of his fellow Rebels from Imperial custody.[2] Shortly after the Battle of Hoth forced them to evacuate, Kanoloa aided the medical droid MHD-19 and the Human female operative Verena Talos in returning to Hoth to evacuate some colonists from the Empire's grasp.[1]

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"We all use the same battlefield. Some use it better."
―Loku Kanoloa[src]

Loku Kanoloa was a very skilled and deadly marksman, and occasionally supported allies with sniping skills and a coordinated strike.[1]

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Loku Kanoloa is one of three hero characters in the Return to Hoth expansion pack for the tactical land-based RPG game Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games.


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