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""He made a mistake, Lolo!"
"Which everyone seemed to forget, including you! I didn't. Did you honestly think he had the moral right to lead us after he betrayed us?""
―Padmé Amidala and Lolo Purs, on Onaconda Farr[src]

Lolo Purs was a female Rodian aide to Senator Onaconda Farr during the Clone Wars. During the war, she murdered Senator Farr.[1]


Clone WarsEdit

During the war a vote arose led by Halle Burtoni to fund military activity escalating the war. This vote was won by the oppsoing vote led by Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa and Onaconda Farr. During the winning speech Lolo happily watched.

Senate MurdererEdit

Purs was furious on the fact that the Senate, Rodia and the people simply forgot of Farr's treason and brief dealings with the Separatist. Due to this during the vote to fund further military expeditions Purs ruthlessly poisoned Onaconda Farr. Following this the Senate assigned Tan Divo to investigate the murder thus postponing the vote, as the investigation went on Lolo accused Halle Burtoni to take the pressure of possible suspicion off her. However when Burntoni was taken to be arrested Padmé Amidala was able to piece together the facts and notice that Purs was the true culprit. When Lolo was properly accused she tried to escape with Amidala as insurance. Yet Padme escaped and Purs was arrested.



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