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Lomin ale was the preferred drink of the members of Rogue Squadron. Because its formula was unique to each cantina, there was no definite recipe.

The general consistency of the ale was a warm amber liquid with a thick froth that provided most of the enjoyment for the drinker. The liquid usually had a sickeningly sweet taste to it depending on where it was drunk. It was served warm, but in some places a cooled variety of the ale was formulated which became popular.

The best lomin ale brews were almost never fed through an auto mixer.

Famous BrewsEdit

The most famous brew came from one of the smallest cantinas around, The Weary Traveler (located in Anchorhead). It is said that the cantina was frequented by Obi-Wan Kenobi during his exile, and that perhaps he had some influence with formulating one of the most delicious of lomin ales.

The Skip 1, an asteroid colony that was one of the main stops on the Smuggler's Run, had a famous cantina that made one of the more exotic brews of lomin ale. It had a very syrupy consistency and was purple/blue, depending on the light and the ale's age.

The planet Courkrus had a major lomin ale brewery in the settlement Vlarnya, that was widely respected by the Invids based there.



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