"Any information regarding Donell's operations should immediately be brought to the attention of the Operations Ministry. Though many of our ships have been stolen, none have been since encountered, even in documented engagements with Imperial forces."
General Airen Cracken[src]

Lon Donell was a one-time lieutenant in the Imperial Navy who turned to piracy after the Battle of Endor. Lon Donell became an enemy of the New Republic that warranted enough attention to be included in Cracken's dossier on criminals that should be pursued by independent operatives and bounty hunters.



Lon Donell's Super Transport XI

Lon Donell was a native of Prefsbelt IV, born in 43 BBY. A member of the Imperial Navy, Donell served as first officer aboard the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Detainer. Around 7 ABY, Donell assumed command of the starship and became a concern for the New Republic by using the Detainer to pull a number of New Republic and independent starships from hyperspace and capture them. Along with the Detainer, Donell also commanded a converted Super Transport XI container ship, which had a cargo bay that had been modified to act as a starship hangar.[1]

Donell operated out of the Barpine system, which contained orbital shipyards. Once Donell had captured a ship with the Detainer, it was transported aboard the container ship to the shipyards. The crews were incarcerated in a prison facility on the planet Barpine; some of the crews were offered the chance to serve the Galactic Empire with a promise of early release. Those personnel that took Donell's offer were placed among loyal Imperial crews to prevent mutiny or desertion.[1]

Donell managed to acquire ten transports, three DP20 frigates, five CR90 corvettes, a number of starfighters, scout vessels, and freighters over the course of several months. The New Republic Intelligence Service believed that Donell was forming a fleet to conduct a personal campaign of conquest. Most were refitted for Imperial service, while some, including starfighters and freighters, were sold to pirates and Imperial-affiliated operatives. The New Republic offered a reward of 15,000 credits for Donell's capture on charges of theft and kidnapping.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Lon Donell was a Human male who stood 1.75 meters tall. He was a capable commander and tactician with a speciality in capital ship tactics.[1]

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Donell was trained in the use of a blaster, and skilled in survival techniques. He was knowledgeable about star systems, and was able to plot courses through hyperspace. Donell was capable of piloting both small starships and capital ships, along with operating their gunnery and deflector shield systems. He was also trained in the repair of capital ships, as well as bypassing security systems and programming and repairing computers.[1]


Donell wore an Imperial officer's uniform, was armed with a blaster pistol, and carried a comlink and datapad.[1]

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Lon Donell was profiled in Wanted by Cracken, a sourcebook for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published by West End Games in 1993. The illustration of Donell was provided by Mike Jackson.


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