"Welcome Alliance friends. I am Lon Prador."
―Prador introduces himself[src]

Lon Prador was a male Kadrillian who served as Lord council of his homeworld Kadril. When members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic visited his world he agreed to provide the alliance with the worlds resources, however shortly afterwards the planet was invaded by the Galactic Empire. The Imperials used pacifog, a weaponized gas that brought out a species weakest trait, to pacify and control the locals including Prador. Vader then used Prador to gain intelligence concerning Kunda stone, a mineral found on the planet and used to make filters for pacifog. The Rebels, and a group of technophobic Kiadrillians named the Nociv eventually managed to fight the Imperials off the planet and freed the other Kiadrillians of the pacifying effects of the gas.


Lon Prador was a male Kadrillian who held the role of Lord council of his homeworld Kadril. In the year 1 ABY Prador met with ambassadors from the Alliance to Restore the Republic who were visiting Kadril to discuss the Kadrillians allying with them in the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. After greeting the Rebels as they left their ship Prador dined with the group, although when one of them–the smuggler Han Solo–complained of the foods quality Prador offered him any dish he wished for and agreed to provide Bantha steak. After discussion over the meal, Prador was convinced by Princess Leia Organa, another of the Rebels, of their causes worthiness and he pledged the world's resources to the Alliance. He agreed to then let them visit the Zero-G lab that orbited Kadril, but only after they re-established contact with Dal Quirz, a scientist working in the lab who had failed to respond to attempted contact over the visicom. The Lord was then informed that an Imperial cruiser had been seen leaving the lab, after which Quirz appeared in person and greeted Prador, denying that she had seen any cruiser. With Quirz having made contact, Prador then introduced the Rebels to Rodno, Quirz's assistant, who Prador informed his guests would be their guide.[1]

Lorn Prador meets the Rebels

Prador met with members of the Rebel Alliance to discuss helping their cause.

Shortly after the Rebels left for the lab, the Sith Lord Darth Vader lead Imperial forces in an Invasion of Kadril using pacifog, a weaponized gas which brought out a species weakest traits. The Kadrillans became incredibly gullible and willing to unquestionably obey orders when affected by the gas, although it was lethal to Humans. Vader then made his way to Prador who greeted the Sith and offered him his services, although Vader had his troops deliver a mild dose of pacifog to the Lord council, despite the fact he was already willing to help. Once the gas took effect, Vader questioned Prador about Kunda stones, the mineral which Kadril was made of, and the only material that could filter pacifog. Prador informed Vader of the abundance of the stones on his homeworld, following which he appeared with Vader on a visilink broadcast in which the Imperial leader order the gassed natives of Kadril to bring every Kunda stone on the world to be loaded into the Imperial transports he had brought with him. Following the broadcast Prador informed Vader that the greatest concentrations of Kunda stone were found in the hills within Nociv territory, a region controlled by a technophobic group of Kadrillians known as the Nociv who he claimed were dangerous. Vader then ordered his troopers to visit all Kadrillians including the Nociv to dose them with the gas. When a trooper reported to Vader that Imperial forces had lost the Millennium Falcon, the starship belonging to the Rebel group which had recently left the Zero-G lab, Prador witnessed Vader punish the man by ripping off his Kunda stone filter, revealing him to the effects of the gas and allowing Prador to realize why Vader needed the stones. The Sith gassed the Lord council again and ordered him to forget the stones use, after which the pair witnessed the effects of pacifog on the unfortunate soldier, which due to the many weaknesses of Humans caused bloating and death.[1]

After learning that contact had been lost with Platoon o+ Delta, a group of Imperials sent to gas the Nociv, Vader then ordered the Kadrillians to attack the Nociv and the Rebels he assumed were aiding them despite Prador's protests. After learning that all of Kadril was made of Kunda, Vader again attempted to order the collection of the stones and the capture of the Rebels only to be cut off mid transmission, which Prador informed him was due to interference with the orbiting relay, a station orbiting Kadril used to relay the visilink signal. Based on this information Vader sent Imperial troops to the Zero-G lab where they caught Leia Organa after she returned from successfully disabling the XTC module in the orbiting relayer. Organa eventually escaped with the help Quirz and Chewbacca, another Rebel and through the use of Vibro-crystal, an experimental technology that Rodna was working on, the Nociv and Rebels fought off the Imperials, although not without many Kaldrillian casualties.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Are only wish is to please…"
―Prador offers Han Solo any food he wants during a meal.[src]

Prador, like all Kadrillians, was helpful and eager to please, offering Han Solo any food he wanted in an attempt to please him during their meal together. He was also easily persuaded to help a cause, agreeing quickly to aid the Rebels but also immediately offering to aid Darth Vader when he met the Lord council. When effected by pacifog he obeyed Darth Vaders every command, although question some after the effects of the gas began to wear off.[1]

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Lon Prador first appeared in Planet of Kadril, a comic strip written by Archie Goodwin under the name Russ Helm and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala. The comic was published between August 11 and October 5 in 1980 by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.


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